Month: December 2015

Help! I need a Pick me UP

I was just reminded of one of the best things that I sometimes do to infuse energy into myself so I can shift gears when I am dragging and overwhelmed. Today, I had errands for a commitment outside of my family. Then we had a friend’s kid over for a play date. I had a…read more.

How do children spell Love?

Q: How do children spell love? A: T-I-M-E I think it is a common saying in one version or another but it is so true. I find that if I am struggling in a relationship with one of my children the best way to mend the relationship is to spend time with them. When my…read more.

Finding my Higher Self

I have been thinking about the words to a song from the Disney movie Frozen, “People make bad choices when they are mad or scared or stressed, ” Isn’t that so true? I make my worst choices when I am enveloped in my feelings of anger, fear or being overwhelmed. And it happens. Those feelings…read more.