Month: March 2016

Words of Life

“Our children care more about a pancake’s feelings than their siblings’.” I told my husband this last night. Then I explained. I thought it would be a good idea to do the words experiment that is going around online. My sister did an alternate version with her children. And that is what started me going.…read more.

Missed you

If you read my posts every week then you know I missed the 9th. If you are just reading through and I hadn’t put this here you would notice a gap. Last week I had sinus headaches under migraines and was basically out of commission for anything that wasn’t fundamental to my families existence. Sometimes…read more.

What do I choose to do today to become my better self?

“So, just a thought to chew on today: Are you sitting there waiting for the world to change and treat you better, or are you making yourself better so you can change the world?” -Toni J Cook I loved this thought that a friend shared on her Facebook post the other day. So I asked…read more.