Month: April 2016

Going Forward

My going phrase from my power hour today: “Do it smiling. One Step at a Time.” I thought I needed it for one set of thoughts, but my husband introduced a whole new line of thinking this morning. This new set of questions requires analysis, soul searching and decision making. It could be overwhelming, if…read more.

Suspend Judgment

Earlier today I read a post from a friend. She talked about days when there are a surge of emotions and you can’t think straight. She is learning to accept those days as part of the entirety of life and not something to be ashamed of or hide from. I thought about when I have…read more.

Music Heals, Lifts and Inspires

Daniel and I went to a 3 day business training last August. When I had heard about it I knew we needed to go. We were just launching into business and didn’t have much direction. As we went to this conference we got to pay for it, hire babysitters and all those other details. Every…read more.