Month: August 2016

We are a human forest of strength

I just watched a great Ted Talk presentation called “Trees Talk.” There is a lot of strength and assistance that is passed through the forest by the unseen layers of connections underground. A mother tree is especially concerned with her seedlings, but she still blesses others in the forest. By the intricate ecosystems of the…read more.

Making It Be For Good

There is a scripture that I often think of. It says, All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord. All things. This morning I woke up early. After a trip to the bathroom and a little time trying to clean out my sinuses I was laying down again. Awake. I…read more.

Trust Yourself; Take Care of Yourself

One of the premises that we operate from at CPR For Families is that most parents know what methods will or won’t work for them. And there is a lot of information out there to help us fine tune our tool kit when we notice a lack in our approach. But it seems like the…read more.

Set Your Intention…Receive Success

July 5, 2016 My husband and I just finished teaching a voice lesson. At one point I told our student that the first thing he should do is make sure the presence he is giving off is one of confidence. What does his body say about how he feels about his singing? Stand tall with…read more.

As I work towards my dreams

June 29, 2016 I have mentioned limiting beliefs before. I would like to talk a bit more about them. As I have been pursuing a better me, I have crossed paths with people who have taught me this concept. Based on experiences in our lives we unconsciously adopt beliefs from which we operate.  Sometimes these…read more.