About Us


Who are we: Kathryn and Daniel Blomberg –
A fiercely loyal couple. Parents deeply committed to our 5 children. Children of large families (one of thirteen for Kathryn and one of seven for Daniel). Dual citizens. World migrants. Individuals who feel strongly in making positive impact on the lives of those we meet and contributing to an improved world.
Over and over again, we hear that we must be clear on our why. Well, we have been clear on that for along time.
Our Why: Strengthening Families throughout the world.
As we have been immersing ourselves in business education, we learned to focus on our strengths in creating our business and our products and services. We have lots of large dreams of what we want to do. So we had a little refining work to find our starting point. And having found that now we can continue!
Our What: CPR for Families: Conscious Parenting Recharge. As professional musicians, public speakers, and your fellow parents in the trenches, we are entertainers with a purpose. We provide a recharge so you can be a Conscious Parent.
Our How: Current- Original AlbumMotivational Speaking Presentations and Inspirational Performances and CPR for Families’ Blog and website– a growing database of information and resources.
Developing- Inspirational Podcasts
We still have the other dreams for future expansion, but this is our beginning.
Our Where: All over the world, where we live and where our engagements take us. And the limitless web!