As I work towards my dreams

June 29, 2016

I have mentioned limiting beliefs before. I would like to talk a bit more about them. As I have been pursuing a better me, I have crossed paths with people who have taught me this concept. Based on experiences in our lives we unconsciously adopt beliefs from which we operate.  Sometimes these beliefs actually end up limiting what we can do, stunting our potential.

For example when I was a kid I was very aware of my family’s financial struggles. I adopted several limiting beliefs regarding money over the years. ‘There isn’t enough money’, ‘You can’t have extras because there isn’t enough money for the basics.’ etc. As an adult, my life has seemed to perpetuate the situation of struggling financially. The amazing thing is that as I have been introduced to this concept of limiting beliefs and the correlating, ‘belief breakthough.’ Things are changing. I am changing the beliefs I am operating from and I am attracting a life of abundance. I haven’t power changed overnight or even in two months as some of my friends, also on the journey, have done. Yet, there is definite improvement and I continue on my journey.

On February 2, 2016 I created a money affirmation. I wrote it down and put up on my wall.

I love the adventure I am on with money as I work towards my dreams.

As I work towards my dreams with anticipation and gratitude God aligns the universe to bring the results to me.

I love playing with money. It’s a creative adventure as money flows to me and through me. 

Money is fun- especially when I see it showering abundance that blesses others in their relationships.

I read it often since it was right by my mirror. I started feeling a difference in myself right away and noticing a difference in my actual money experiences.

Usually grocery shopping is an ordeal. I have a certain amount of money and a list of items needed and desired. One day as I went to do my big shopping, I walked past the frozen yoghurt store with one of my children. I started to have one of the negative thoughts about not being able to treat my children to such things. Then without me realizing it, the programming from reading and saying these affirmations kicked in and I switched gears, “I am on an adventure. I get to creatively use my set amount of money to provide my family with a variety of foods for our nutrition and health.” I went into the grocery store energized and was on my creative adventure to get the best situation for our family. Even though it took a long time to do my shopping, as usual, I finished with two amazing differences. I had got a greater amount and variety of food with my budget than usual, AND I didn’t have my typical shopping headache. I had energy! I came home and put away everything with energy! And still had energy!  ”I love the adventure I am on with money!” resonated strongly.

And the shift is continuing.

As I work towards my dreams with anticipation and gratitude, God aligns the universe to bring the results to me.

As I work toward dreams

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