Be Grateful Here and Now AND Dream Big.

I recently asked a friend for some quotes or sayings that she would like me to use as I create memes for our facebook page. Here is one of the ones she sent me in the meme I created.

no-new-things-will-come-to-our-life-unless-we-are-grateful-for-what-we-haveI love it and it is very applicable to what I have been feeling these last several months.
I need to be grateful for what I have, even while being willing to “dream big”. This has come forward several times this last year. This is an interesting balance that takes practice to achieve. (At least for me.)
But I am realizing that if I can’t fully appreciate what I do have how can I be deserving of something greater? I have greater confidence talking with God and telling Him of my dreams when I have a heart of gratitude instead of a complaining heart.

Take my living situation right now. It is a three bedroom, no yard apartment. We left an amazing yard in Sweden. Even during our short stint in Utah we had access to a yard that we shared with our landlords. We also left behind a fourth room that was the play/sewing TV room. Here we picked up a family room but the way it is designed does not facilitate anything but TV/movie watching. So we feel very limited in run around space.

I have been eyeing places with yards ever since we came here. Around when we started our second year here, we decided that it was time to really look for a different place with a yard. In this process I have learned a lot about how blessed we are with what we have. I am much more content if we do end up here longer while I look for the “perfect situation.” And it has been a good journey for us as a family as we work together to understand all of our desires and needs, not just mine. So we are a stronger family. If we hadn’t started off here, this growth as a family and for me as an individual would not have been possible.

So while I look forward to a new apartment with a yard, I am grateful for the multitude of blessings living where we do has afforded us.
It has been a great launching point. And it has been sufficient. I also understand better what to look for next time, what kind of contract and negotiations to get involved in. And oh my goodness I have the nicest kitchen I have ever had! I have loved having my big oven and stove, large fridge and lots of counter space and cupboards. We still are able to enjoy space to walk around (not just a pathway in between counters). My kitchen has a south window so I can have sunshine. Speaking of windows, I can enjoy the rising sun in my living room or the afternoon sun in my bedroom or the kitchen. And the owners like the fact that we are a family. I can walk to stores and catch taxis easily. I have been very blessed that this apartment was miraculously available when we were ready to move here.

I will enjoy it as long as we live in it and look back with gratitude to the blessings it gave us.

What gratitude can you find in the situations you find yourself in that may be less then ideal?

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