Keeping the dream alive

I keep coming back to music. Music for me. For my kids. For others. My husband… yes. Music finds him. It finds us. We live it and breathe it. We love it. But it seems there is a greater purpose for us with it. But what? Every time I try to figure out how to…read more.


It has been a long time! And that is an understatement!!! So what has been up since my last post? We moved from Jordan. First we went to Sweden to spend a month with Daniel’s family.Then we came the the home we are renting in Utah. I worked full time at settling the family in…read more.

A few days ago I had a blood transfussion….

A few days ago I had a blood transfusion….. Sometimes we don’t realize how life is wearing us down. We might realize we are wearing down but not know why or what to do. I had an operation and then extra bleeding. My hemoglobin, which was already low (operation was to stop bleeding problems), dropped…read more.

Sympathy Sickness?

A few months ago I was late with my cycle and feeling queezy. I freaked Daniel out when I mentioned I thought I might be pregnant. I wasn’t. So he can breathe about my health….. At least I can still walk and move around. But I have continued to have a lot of queesy, nauscious…read more.

Adoption thoughts

We are actively telling pretty much everyone that we are planning on adopting. The more people know we would like to adopt the more possibilities of someone hearing and passing it on to the right ones. I feel like it is going to happen and feel so much happiness. Then comes the worry what if…read more.

The Incredible Adoption Experiment

Monday February6, 2017 I am starting an experiment. A big experiment. It is an experiment because I don’t have any guarentees that it will work out the way I hope it does. However like scientific experiments it isn’t without foundation. I am pulling together things I have learned my whole life and mixing it with…read more.

Be Grateful Here and Now AND Dream Big.

I recently asked a friend for some quotes or sayings that she would like me to use as I create memes for our facebook page. Here is one of the ones she sent me in the meme I created. I love it and it is very applicable to what I have been feeling these last…read more.

Onion Layers

Before you start reading, you should know this is a very long and very reflective post. It may be that it is really only for my own conscious recharging and healing. But I share it, in case it can bring similar healing to another. If the it isn’t your “cup-of-tea” and you don’t want to…read more.

Let’s Get Together – Financially

I am in a reflective mood today. I find that I go through waves. Yesterday I was frustrated with money because it was looking like I couldn’t do something I really wanted to do. The day before I had been on an emotional high. Today I am reflective, but at peace. It is interesting to…read more.

Parents plant the best trees

Parenting epitomizes this quote: The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. -Nelson Henderson Sometimes taking a step back and looking at the big picture is the best recharge.