Category: Celebrate

Set Your Intention…Receive Success

July 5, 2016 My husband and I just finished teaching a voice lesson. At one point I told our student that the first thing he should do is make sure the presence he is giving off is one of confidence. What does his body say about how he feels about his singing? Stand tall with…read more.

Joy of Life Revealed

June 27, 2016 This morning I woke up with a feeling of the day’s significance. It is significant and my actions are significant. And it is not because anything extraordinary is going to happen. Just there is value in today and the things I do in my daily routines. I like that. It affected the…read more.

Our Family Motto

At the beginning of the year Daniel and I independently felt inspired with three words as a vision or a motto for our family for the year. Strong Happy Loving When I shared my thoughts with him, he told me they had been the same three words on his mind earlier that day. So I set to…read more.

Nuggets from the trenches

My goal with these posts is to share something that helps someone in the trenches of parenting. Sometimes, I wish that I were an expert, who could give that profound thought,  that would be the “ah-ha moment” that will change someone’s parenting forever, in positive ways. But after I had committed to do this blog,…read more.