Category: Depression

The Incredible Adoption Experiment

Monday February6, 2017 I am starting an experiment. A big experiment. It is an experiment because I don’t have any guarentees that it will work out the way I hope it does. However like scientific experiments it isn’t without foundation. I am pulling together things I have learned my whole life and mixing it with…read more.

Onion Layers

Before you start reading, you should know this is a very long and very reflective post. It may be that it is really only for my own conscious recharging and healing. But I share it, in case it can bring similar healing to another. If the it isn’t your “cup-of-tea” and you don’t want to…read more.

I Choose Gratitude

Depression is something that I have struggled with for years. I have been blessed with a very supportive husband, inspired counselors and the use of medicine. Since my official diagnosis in 2008 my life has been a journey of learning how to manage the depression so I can live a fulfilling life. For me, even…read more.

Suspend Judgment

Earlier today I read a post from a friend. She talked about days when there are a surge of emotions and you can’t think straight. She is learning to accept those days as part of the entirety of life and not something to be ashamed of or hide from. I thought about when I have…read more.

Relationships: Growing in Complexity

I have five kids. Some people say that is a big family. Maybe. Whether or not it is a large family, I have learned something. With each additional member things get more complex. I mean, when I was single I only had to worry about myself. Was I happy? Was I progressing in life? It…read more.