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It has been a long time! And that is an understatement!!! So what has been up since my last post? We moved from Jordan. First we went to Sweden to spend a month with Daniel’s family.Then we came the the home we are renting in Utah. I worked full time at settling the family in…read more.

Our Family Motto

At the beginning of the year Daniel and I independently felt inspired with three words as a vision or a motto for our family for the year. Strong Happy Loving When I shared my thoughts with him, he told me they had been the same three words on his mind earlier that day. So I set to…read more.

How do children spell Love?

Q: How do children spell love? A: T-I-M-E I think it is a common saying in one version or another but it is so true. I find that if I am struggling in a relationship with one of my children the best way to mend the relationship is to spend time with them. When my…read more.