Category: Life’s Realities

Let’s Get Together – Financially

I am in a reflective mood today. I find that I go through waves. Yesterday I was frustrated with money because it was looking like I couldn’t do something I really wanted to do. The day before I had been on an emotional high. Today I am reflective, but at peace. It is interesting to…read more.

Going Forward

My going phrase from my power hour today: “Do it smiling. One Step at a Time.” I thought I needed it for one set of thoughts, but my husband introduced a whole new line of thinking this morning. This new set of questions requires analysis, soul searching and decision making. It could be overwhelming, if…read more.

Missed you

If you read my posts every week then you know I missed the 9th. If you are just reading through and I hadn’t put this here you would notice a gap. Last week I had sinus headaches under migraines and was basically out of commission for anything that wasn’t fundamental to my families existence. Sometimes…read more.