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It has been a long time! And that is an understatement!!! So what has been up since my last post? We moved from Jordan. First we went to Sweden to spend a month with Daniel’s family.Then we came the the home we are renting in Utah. I worked full time at settling the family in…read more.

A few days ago I had a blood transfussion….

A few days ago I had a blood transfusion….. Sometimes we don’t realize how life is wearing us down. We might realize we are wearing down but not know why or what to do. I had an operation and then extra bleeding. My hemoglobin, which was already low (operation was to stop bleeding problems), dropped…read more.

Onion Layers

Before you start reading, you should know this is a very long and very reflective post. It may be that it is really only for my own conscious recharging and healing. But I share it, in case it can bring similar healing to another. If the it isn’t your “cup-of-tea” and you don’t want to…read more.

Joy of Life Revealed

June 27, 2016 This morning I woke up with a feeling of the day’s significance. It is significant and my actions are significant. And it is not because anything extraordinary is going to happen. Just there is value in today and the things I do in my daily routines. I like that. It affected the…read more.

Music Heals, Lifts and Inspires

Daniel and I went to a 3 day business training last August. When I had heard about it I knew we needed to go. We were just launching into business and didn’t have much direction. As we went to this conference we got to pay for it, hire babysitters and all those other details. Every…read more.

Lessons From the Day’s Music Moments

One of the fun things about homeschooling is I get to tailor my children’s music education to them. My kids have very strong singing voices. They have heard us sing and some of our favorites are songs that let us sing with intensity and volume. (ex. Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bocelli and Hold…read more.

Start Where You Are

Question: How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time. Question: How do you share your music with 1,000,000 people? Answer: One song and one moment at a time. The first is a joke we tell at our house. The second is a question we are working on. We recently released a…read more.

Help! I need a Pick me UP

I was just reminded of one of the best things that I sometimes do to infuse energy into myself so I can shift gears when I am dragging and overwhelmed. Today, I had errands for a commitment outside of my family. Then we had a friend’s kid over for a play date. I had a…read more.