Help! I need a Pick me UP

I was just reminded of one of the best things that I sometimes do to infuse energy into myself so I can shift gears when I am dragging and overwhelmed.

Today, I had errands for a commitment outside of my family. Then we had a friend’s kid over for a play date. I had a head ache this morning and not enough sleep. So in between errand and playdate, I gave my kids a quick easy bread and cheese lunch and took a nap. During the play date I found that I couldn’t be too far from the kids to make sure all went smoothly. The play date turned out great and I am very happy it happened, but I didn’t want to do anything. My house was in chaos. (Not because of the play date, but because of my own family living in it and it just gets that way. So it took me a while before I got dinner underway. In spite of having a dishwasher, I had no clean dishes for dinner. So it is wash and cook… My husband got home, we ate, and then I had a skype phone call appointment. My husband helped me get it going on the computer after it failed on both our phones.

This call is a way I am investing in myself and becoming who I know I truly am. It was a group mentoring call. While I listened, I found some new statements to help me. Instead of limiting myself by telling myself life is beyond my control and I need to find an out, I am stepping into a couple new power statements.

I don’t need to get away, because I am the creative organizer of my family.

Not bad, but one of the things Kris Krohn (author of The Conscious Creator) says is there is a highest form of these power statements, and we should seek the highest form. No negative grammar words… And I don’t need to remind myself of the old desire to get away, so I tried again.

I love being in my home and the environment that I created with the abundant resources God has showered upon me. 

Then we were asked what will we do with the new belief. I had two thoughts, one was to put on some energetic music and create my ideal environment in my living room. The second was to write my post for the blog because I had decided on Sunday that I would write about how I use music to recharge my energy when I really need it. And that was exactly what I had been reminded of with the question: What will you do with this belief now? I will consciously create the environment I want, both in order and in the mood that I want, with the music that lifts me and inspires me.

It is easy to just live reacting and get overwhelmed with everything we let fill our lives. As a stay-at-home-mom (by choice), with five children, and plenty of other associated responsibilities, I get overwhelmed. When I heard this song and watched this video I fell in love with it.

I see myself as someone with a big heart. I have so many dreams and ideas of how I can do good in the world. But when I would look at my messy home and reflect on all the things in my personal life that weren’t as I wanted them, I felt, how can I contribute? However, as I let this music fill my heart, I can’t help but feel good. I can’t help but see little things I can do. And the little things often turned into dancing while I cleaned and listened to the song. I didn’t have to wallow in a mess or self pity. I didn’t have to get upset at the kids for the mess.

This became a go-to song for me and the children. We watched the video and sang together. Again and again. (Sometimes they even cleaned with me as we danced around listening.) But I was always uplifted. I had renewed energy to do what I hadn’t wanted to do. And even more important I was able to treat my children better because I was stronger. It gave me a recharge, so I could be a conscious parent.

Good music, with uplifting lyrics, fun melodies and energetic rhythms restore energy to our souls. When our souls are energized we are able to act from positions of strength. And there is so much good music out there. I have many more that I turn to. And my husband and kids have their favorites too. It can change over the years and sometimes we come back to old favorites too.

What music brings you back into your position of strength? If you don’t have a song that comes to mind right now, ponder on it. Next time you find your energy lacking put your song on (or try this one if you don’t have your own yet), listen to it, sing it or think of it in your mind. Let it fill your soul.

And please, share your experiences with us.

(p.s. I listened to the song when I put the video in the post. I created the environment I wanted, right down to cushions being on the couch after kids play was done!)

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  1. I just reread parts of this after writing my January 13 post! It does my soul good time and time again. Maybe this blog will just be for me. I am glad I had this post to go to. -Kathryn


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