Joy of Life Revealed

June 27, 2016

This morning I woke up with a feeling of the day’s significance. It is significant and my actions are significant. And it is not because anything extraordinary is going to happen. Just there is value in today and the things I do in my daily routines. I like that. It affected the way I interacted with my children from the beginning of the day.

My daughter came into the sunny living room where I was eating my breakfast and reading. I sent her to go get her breakfast. But then I thought I should go join her. So I did. I was mostly done. Without my book, and with time, I looked at her. I was amazed at her grace and beauty. And I was filled with love for her. We didn’t have to talk much. But it was pleasant being with each other and focusing on being together.

When my husband wanted to share some of his morning insights with me, I consciously decided to be present and not do anything else at the same time. I asked him to let me put down the laundry I had just put in my arms. Then I returned with empty hands. We could just talk and listen to each other. It was a wonderful conversation for both of us.

Later, after I had done several items on my list, I was back in my sunny spot enjoying a minute crocheting the rag rug I am working on. My son came in and wanted to play with my rag “yarn.” I usually let him do it. So I asked him what he wanted to make today. Last time he unrolled it into a pile of ‘ketchup’. Usually it is ‘cereal’. “Cereal.” I try to only let him do one at a time so it doesn’t become a tangled mess. In came my daughter and wanted to join. I resisted. But after I got her to dress and do a couple things for me, I let her join. She ended up wanting to re-roll them for me. In the process, my son was ready for his diaper change. So I changed him. Then I started singing “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly.” As I sang I beat the rhythm on his back and every time the spider “wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her” I tickled him. My daughter joined in the singing. I realized how fun spending time with them was. So I decided on adjustment to our school day so that I can sing and play with the littles everyday.

It wasn’t much, but shifting my attitude to see the value and significance in the routines, especially being mentally present with my children and my spouse has filled me with joy and purpose. By being present in my daily routines, the joy and value of life is revealed.

Be present; value and joy revealed

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