Keeping the dream alive

I keep coming back to music. Music for me. For my kids. For others. My husband… yes.

Music finds him. It finds us. We live it and breathe it. We love it. But it seems there is a greater purpose for us with it. But what? Every time I try to figure out how to put it in place, I feel like it was the wrong approach.

Well I’m giving it another shot.

We are going to do a concert on October 5, 2018 in Bountiful, Utah. At the Bountiful Davis Arts Center.

This concert will feature our family and Rewire Choir. It is going to be amazing.

Now I have 2.5 months to get all the marketing in place. This is a learning curve for me. But I feel like I have a shot at it, because for the first time we have lead time to work with. And I have a few ideas and strategies that I am working on.

My hope is to give my family a chance to fully express themselves through music, and showcase Daniel’s songs and arrangements with the choir, while bringing light, joy and hope into the lives of the audience. And in turn acquire a fan base to build on.

What do you think?musician climbing

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