Music Heals, Lifts and Inspires

Daniel and I went to a 3 day business training last August. When I had heard about it I knew we needed to go. We were just launching into business and didn’t have much direction. As we went to this conference we got to pay for it, hire babysitters and all those other details. Every night we went back to our home and slept then got up early to make the drive and do it again. On the last day I upset about the stress that was associated with these details. I was discouraged with myself and had let my negative self-talk start.

So by time we were there, I let my husband, and the other two who were with us, go ahead. I went into the bathroom, locked myself in a stall and started to cry. This was aggravating because I didn’t want to go into this conference with the telltale sign of having cried. And I was there for the day. And we were learning about serving using the skills we already had. We were moving into music business but our niche is motivational music targeted to families. We were selling cds and tickets to a concert at the end of the event where we would perform and share our message. Our message is that music is an integral part of gaining the recharge we need to keep being our best selves as parents. And here I was broken and crying in the bathroom. How ironic.

Then the irony really hit me. I had the tools. I knew what they were. Now I needed to use what we were sharing with others. I needed to use our music to lift my spirit. So I started thinking about one of my husbands instrumental pieces. It is one that I like to listen to when I am doing affirmations or listening to my recorded life vision.

As I started reviewing the melody in my mind I felt the energy of the song bring back my joy and my confidence. I didn’t have to go over the whole thing either. It only took a little of it. (Which is good because I haven’t memorized entire instrumental songs.) It was amazing!

I knew using music’s power to lift me worked. I have used music a lot in my life. But I don’t know that I had ever had results that quick and so strong. I went on to do really well in presenting our product that day and we had an amazing concert that evening. Our message vibrated with energy that our audience felt. The were visibly influenced and we had amazing feedback after. Why? Because good music with positive energy will fill our bodies with energy when we listen to it. We were able to demonstrate that with each song we sang and our message.

We knew that we were on the right track with our business and our music. Because of that concert that day we went on to record 6 of Daniel’s original songs. Each song is connected to our family and our journey, but they speak to others because the stories of love and devotion are stories that inspire individuals and families. So while the details of our story isn’t the same the message is transferable.

We are musicians with a purpose. Our purpose is to bless others (especially parents) with inspiring music that will give them the recharge they need so they can live their purpose with joy. And whether it is our music, drawn from stages in our life, or your own favorite songs, our message is use music to lift you and restore your confidence at the times you need it. 

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