Set Your Intention…Receive Success

July 5, 2016

My husband and I just finished teaching a voice lesson. At one point I told our student that the first thing he should do is make sure the presence he is giving off is one of confidence. What does his body say about how he feels about his singing? Stand tall with shoulders back. Spread your feet apart equal with your shoulders. Align your neck so it is balanced. Every move you make is a movement of purpose. Even your hands rest at your side relaxed but ready to move with purpose. I demonstrated singing while I was slouched looking down and fidgeting from one foot to another, my hands in my pockets. I asked him if I gave off a confident presence. No. Just like you build a solid foundation to build your house on, when you are ready to sing give your singing a solid foundation of confidence. Then when you sing you will naturally exude confidence in your music. Then I had him sing the song again. He took me seriously and took a strong (yet relaxed, un-stressed), confident singers posture. Then he started singing. It was amazing! His notes and tone where accurate and beautiful. As he continued and I realized what that seemingly minor shift in his frame of mind and body when he started did to his singing, I wanted to cry. Instead we both cheered and celebrated with him when the song was done. Then we talked about the significance.

I think affirmations, spoken confidently watching ourselves in the mirror at the start of the day, do the same thing for our ‘performance’ of the day. Have you truly taken it seriously? Look at yourself in the mirror with love, acceptance and gratitude. Then say the key affirmation with the emotion of how it has changed your life. “I am the confident energetic mother of my dreams.” “I love life’s daily adventures.” “I am unconditionally loving. I am unconditionally wise. I am unconditionally wealthy.” “My life is rich with opportunities.” Let this be the foundation for your day.

There is a story I heard about a boy putting furrows in the field for his dad. After working a long time he was discouraged that his furrows were not straight but swerved and swayed a lot. He asked his dad for some feedback. His father said that he needed to pick a reference point like a fence post or a tree in the distance and watch it as he progressed. So the boy went back to work. This time he looked across the field and chose his tree. Then he stayed focused on the tree as he worked. Amazingly, his furrow was now straight!

If we have our affirmation as our “tree” or the vision (our intention) that we focus on from the beginning of the day and keep it in focus by repetition, we will end up with furrows that match our vision.

Trust your vision, start strong, stay focused and receive success.

Set your intention, start strong, stay focused and receive success.

Confidently set your intention, stand firm, stay focused and receive fulfillment.

Confidently set your intention, start,

stay focused and receive success.

Set,start,stay, receive final

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