Start Where You Are

Question: How do you eat an elephant?

Answer: One bite at a time.

Question: How do you share your music with 1,000,000 people?

Answer: One song and one moment at a time.

The first is a joke we tell at our house. The second is a question we are working on. We recently released a set of songs on an EP called Family. The day after we announced our release to our circle, Daniel set a “Limitless Leap,” a stretching intention, to have 1,000,000 people listen to our songs. Then we set out to figure out how.

We could look at that number and compare it with our business mailing list and our combined circle of friends on and off Facebook. Face it, we are way off from that number. But we believe in the songs. We believe in their quality. And we believe in their ability to touch lives and give people the recharge that is vital to living a vibrant life. So how will we do it?

We all have dreams big and small. We have plans and goals. If we look at the end goal, without having a plan it could seem impossible. Like eating an elephant. I know I can’t do it in one sitting. But was that the question? What if I had support to help package and preserve it and I had my whole life to do it? What if I could share the elephant with others, as long as I was also dining? Or what if I didn’t even have to be there to share the elephant with others?

I want to guide my children as they grow so they develop into responsible adults. But do I expect them to sit through a review of all the lessons from my whole life in one sitting? Talk about absurd. Thank goodness I can spread it out and take advantage of teaching moments that present themselves as well as attempting to use a structure to enable more opportunities. And I am blessed to have others who can reinforce my efforts with efforts of their own, coupled with their love and interest in my children. Wise friends, fellow members of church and of course extended family. There is also a lot information to guide me and become my tools in the process. So I don’t have to have a mature adult of my own efforts after 2,4,8,or even 16 years. Progression. A plan. And patience. Those will hep me get to my goal.

What about organization? It seems to be the watchword for me. All last year I knew I needed to work on it. It keeps coming back too me. Recently, I was thinking of my family’s schedule… It is pretty crazy. Especially going to bed! But it filters into many other areas. I know I need to fix it, but I haven’t figured out what the one key element is. If I fixed that thing the rest would fall in place. I have tried many aspects. But none of it has stuck. I was reflecting on it again with regards to teaching moments that I want to have with my children. There was one concept I was learning about in church. They talked about preparing children and working it into our planning as we lead up to the monthly activity. I was impressed with one lady’s efforts to help her children progress in their understanding of this concept. I felt impressed that this was a good place to start with my own efforts of organization. Start where I am. I need better order. This concept is fresh on my mind. It is the week prior to the activity. Use the existing structure of family devotionals to teach the concept and prepare the children. Put the activity on the calendar. Make it part of the ongoing conversations during the week. It was amazing to see how that focus gave me a better ability to follow through with some other organizational things in our schedule.

I still need better order. That was only one little thing. But it is an active topic with my husband and I right now. So we get to look at where we are and start with one item. And keep at it.

For our business, first we released our songs on our website. Last week we got them on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and 32 other online stores worldwide. Now we are working on creating Youtube videos to feature them. We are also preparing for some live performances. How do we reach 1,000,000 listeners? One person/one group at a time.

What is your vision? How are you going to get there?

Start Where You Are.

Take One Step At A Time.

Go Forward.


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