Sympathy Sickness?

A few months ago I was late with my cycle and feeling queezy. I freaked Daniel out when I mentioned I thought I might be pregnant. I wasn’t. So he can breathe about my health….. At least I can still walk and move around.
But I have continued to have a lot of queesy, nauscious stomach frustrations. I have more migraines again. I am exhausted a lot more and at times I am super sensitive to smells. The other day I joked with Daniel that it is as if I am having sympathy pregnancy symptoms for the baby we will adopt this fall.
But then I started thinking more seriously.
If the baby’s due date is September 7. Then the mother just crossed half way point of her pregnancy. For me I always had the morning sickness problems until half way.
Could it be that God is letting me feel a deep connection with the child already? He knows the child is for us and so spiritually we are already connected?
I don’t really have the answers but I know God is in charge. And he has guided us in planning and preparing as best as we can for the adoption. I don’t know when we will find out officially we are getting the baby. (And there is a second child who will turn 2 late in the year.) But I do know we are on this path for a reason.
It is likely that we won’t find out anything until right at the time because we can’t do the home study until we move into our house.
Finish our work and contract here. Meet our obligations and strengthen the ties with the family we already have. And trust an all-knowing and omniscient God. Who loves us and these children he wants to send us.

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