A few days ago I had a blood transfussion….

A few days ago I had a blood transfusion…..

Sometimes we don’t realize how life is wearing us down. We might realize we are wearing down but not know why or what to do.

I had an operation and then extra bleeding. My hemoglobin, which was already low (operation was to stop bleeding problems), dropped consecutively for a few days. At the hospital the doctors told me I might need a transfusion and took a blood sample to get some blood ready just in case. I was getting more light headed and my head was pulsing. At other times I may have been nervous at the thought of a blood transfusion (as my husband was). But I knew I needed help and it would help me.

After my levels dropped yet again, I was given the first of two units of blood. I was amazed at the difference of energy I had after the transfusion. Wow! I still had healing from the operation but even with that I have felt energy in a whole new way. I needed the boost!

The crazy thing is that this dropping had been going on for over a year. As I got my follow-up blood test yesterday, I pulled out all my test results that I had for the last year. My numbers were lower every test…. No wonder I started getting more and more tired and having more headaches. With my blood loss my hemoglobin was low and my body wasn’t getting as much oxygen to the brain and elsewhere. I needed the doctors, their expertise, the operation, the assistance of the nurses and staff. I have had help and support from friends and family. Help with children, food and listening and empathetic ear. I have had priesthood blessings, received counsel from church leaders. And I have prayed. A lot. I felt inspired to have the operation and went forward with faith. It wasn’t until 9 days after the operation that I looked back and studied the numbers and realized how much I had needed to do something. It had to get worse first though. I had to take action. I had to to take a leap of faith, make a choice and go forward. Even then it got worse as a sore from the operation continued to bleed. I was frustrated. But that sore is what caused the doctors to recommend the transfusion. Without it I do not think they would have given it. They would have trusted me to heal and slowly build up my lev

els again. But I was already low before the operation (in the 9s). I had already had a lot more problems due to low hemoglobin. The operation would stop the bleeding in the long run but in the short run it necessitated more blood loss. So I don’t think life would have brought back energy for quite a while. But with the sore that wouldn’t stop bleeding, it was imperative to do something now. And that was two units of blood! And now at this post operation follow-up 9 days after the operation, my hemoglobin was 13.9! This is higher than it has been since I started seeing the doctor over a year ago! No wonder I am having a hard time wanting to stay in bed to let my insides heal! I feel more alive than I have for months.

I am so grateful for everyone, including the anonymous blood donors, who made this recharge possible for me.

Just like our physical bodies can get worn down so can our family relationships. Sometimes we don’t know why its getting harder, but it is. If we are willing to seek out there are so many resources to help us get back to the level of vitality that we desire.

This is one of the reasons I love the name CPR for families. Its about strengthening family health. Lets use the leverage at hand for a better and more energetic family life.

Every family is at a different stage. Does yours need an operation? A transfusion with some donor blood so you have the energy you need to function fully? It might just be some mom time out. Pondering. Listening to inspiring music or daily reciting your family vision. Check out with an adult coloring page. Or color with your kids. Maybe it is conscious time with your kids. Go on a walk and just be together… The possibilities are limitless. And you and your family are worth it.

Choose one thing to bring some more life into your family and do it.


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