It has been a long time! And that is an understatement!!!

So what has been up since my last post?

We moved from Jordan.20170708_234600 20170709_000320 20170708_234547 20170708_234541First we went to Sweden to spend a month with Daniel’s family.20170717_170114Then we came the the home we are renting in Utah.

20170811_103756I worked full time at settling the family in the home and the kids into school. They all chose to go to public school. And since we are also planning on adopting I figured that would be best. (They are all doing well in school and the girls are even in a French immersion program.)
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I got us into the foster to adopt classes and we worked our way through those. All this year we have been gearing up to launch Daniel’s business as a personal development coach. He completed his last assignment with his old job in August. Then he jumped into our new venture full time. But while Daniel has clients and is making good progress with them we aren’t yet making enough to go further with the foster care. So the adoption, of necessity, is on hold, until we are more stable.

For a while I wondered if maybe I just needed to go through the classes for some other reason than to foster to adopt. But about two weeks ago, I did some soul searching and seeking inspiration. The conclusion I reached then is we still need to adopt and plan on it. I guess I just have to stop wanting it now. Its worth it, just like the business, but it takes time to get there.

One of the reasons we moved back to the states is so we could adopt. And it is easier to start a business here. So with our location and our dreams, I won’t give up.

The greatest thing going on right now is with the business.Daniel has developed “Rewire Choir.” rewrite your life script through music 2It is helping me as much as any of the other participants.It is aimed to give a break combined with recharge and personal development for parents. Fits into the whole concept of CPR For Families, right? I was wondering if I should develop CPR for Families now, rolling out all my ideas. But I felt like I need to put my energy behind Daniel’s choir. However it does what I want CPR for Families to do. So I am still working on my passion. And Once the choir is solid I will be better at doing what I need to for CPR. So my different course work and training will get some honing while I help Daniel. And in the mean time I am going to get back to the blog on a weekly basis. In some of my training I came up with some fun article ideas and I am excited to get going. With the kids in school and things settling into more solid routines I feel up to the commitment. And that is good.

I find it interesting to see how I keep coming back to my family. I have lots of ideas and I develop them in my brain, but when I sit down and wonder if it is time to try rolling them out in a grand way, I am drawn back to my family. I do want to help other families, but I will never really be the help I want to be if I work against my intuition that says my kids need me in a bigger way right now. And that includes the two kids who aren’t with us yet. Who are they? When will they come? I don’t know. But I still have my other five to nurture. And I love doing it. (Except when there is strife, but that kind a goes with the territory right?)

Every family’s story and path is different. My way isn’t necessarily going to be your way and visa versa. The most important thing to remember is to trust your intuition for your family. It doesn’t mean it won’t be hard… but it will be worth it. Like homeschooling for 2 years in Jordan. It was probably one of the hardest things I did. But looking back I can see how those 2 years were so good for the family. And my two oldest (who are high functioning on the autism spectrum) needed that reprieve and focus on them so they could come back into the school system successfully. Who would have thought? And all the kids are way ahead of their age in reading. (One of our main focuses….) Not to mention the music development as a family choir/band. (Our family did our musical advent calendar again in December).

All in all, life is good.

How is your journey going? are you on a side path that you didn’t intend to be on? What beauty are you discovering along the way?

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